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Raid Afrique of 1973    
Raid Afrique of 1973    
Raid Afrique of 1973    

Ground clearance Adjustments
The front and rear ride height should be adjusted to the maximum allowed for the model concerned.

The vehicles may be equipped with 125-15 X tyres in the case of the 2CV and Dyane, and 135-15X or 135-15XZX in the case of other models, always fitted with an inner tube.
The 135 section tyres give better performance on sandy surfaces.
Inflation Pressure
(measured hot)
psi   Bar
psi   Bar
psi   Bar
Very Hard Going
(flints, rocks, potholes)
Earth, Firm Sand
Soft Sand
26   1.8
32   2.2

18   1.2
  9   0.6
28   1.9
32   2.2

18   1.2
  9   0.6
29   2
29   2

29   2
29   2

Note: restore standard front and rear operating pressures as soon as road conditions improve.

• Reinforce the platform as shown in fig. 7.
• Fit front bumpers and sump shield of P.0. type (refer to table on Page 19).
• Fit a protective flaring under the engine and gearbox, with a tow hitch at the front (fig. 6): you should make this
yourself. Ensure that you leave openings for access to the sump drain plug and the engine front mounting bolts.
• Secure the front axle cross member with bolts similar to those used for the rear cross member (these bolt are longer).

Having reached this stage, one can proceed to the reinforcement of the platform chassis (fig. 7).
• For those vehicles (including P.O. versions) built since December 1972, weld into place only the reinforcement A.
• For vehicles built prior to December 1972, weld on reinforcements A, B (place a 5 mm. spacer under the stop) and C.
• For Vans of all types, additionally weld in reinforcement D at the rear.
• Fit a protective under tray beneath the fuel tank (fig.8)
• Remove the rear bumper altogether and fit tow hook (fig.9)

2cvTravel: Chassis
For the chassis there are 2 options. Either start of with a replacement chassis that is made up from tubes (such as the Wheels chassis or the 4x2 Barbour) or get a good original type one. Original Mehari and Acadiane chassis always have some P.O, strenghtening. When the original type one is used, the following reinforcements can be made: (fig 7)
1: Reinforcement of the front chassis beam in front of the front axle. Reinforcement C in the picture.
This is for reinforcing the front engine carrying construction.
2: Reinforcement of the chassis beam between the front axle and front spring tube carrier. Reinforcement
A in the picture. This is for reinforcing the suspension carrying structure.
3: Reinforcement of the chassis beam between the rear spring tube carrier and the rear axle. Reinforcement
D in the picture. This is for reinforcing the suspension carrying structure.
4: Reinforcement of the front axle bolt retainers. This is reinforcement B in the picture. This is for reinforcing
the front suspension structure.

Exterior Fittings
• Fit two long range auxiliary lamps served by electrical relays (fig. 10)
• Protective grilles can be attached to the P.O. type front bumpers to protect these lamps (fig. 11).
• Provide protection for the standard headlamps:
- in the case of round lamps, grilles must be made (fig. 12),
- in the case of rectangular lamps, a standard part exists, reference ZC 9866078 U.
• Fit a swivelling police-type spotlight on the left side, above the driver’s door (fig. 13).
• This lamp may be replaced by an inspection light.
• To assist in crossing soft sand, fit a rear hand grip of the type used on the Citroën H and three supports for
sand mats (fig. 14).
• We advise the use of two mats made of light alloy or plastic.
• Optional: shear off the rear wings (fig. 15).

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