Ici commence l'aventure is het boek voor de avontuurlijke reiziger.
In het boek wordt zeer uitgebreid beschreven hoe je een 2cv om kan bouwen tot een Raid Eend. Aangezien dit boek al jaren niet meer te verkrijgen is, en vol nuttige tips staat, heeft 2cvtravel, naast een download versie ook de volledige 2cv versie online en beschikbaar. Dit met dank aan Citroen. Veel plezier met Ici commence l'aventure.
Each journey poses its own particular problems: this is why you can never be too careful in preparing a vehicle.
You will find in this brochure, detailed instructions for the preparation of whichever Citroën vehicle you
may have chosen, are going to buy, or already have.


No matter how strong the vehicle, it must be clearly
understood that it should never be overloaded.

The lighter you are, the better your chances of keeping going. One of the “Wolgen wisdoms” of the Raid Afrique was: “If you’re light you don’t stop: if you’re heavy, you flop”. It is better to leave without replacement parts, even without equipment, in order to remain light and thus to avoid the most likely cause of trouble. Experience shows that it is foolish to be overloaded and thereby to risk irreparable damage. It is as easy to read as it is to write, but you will discover that it is more difficult to do. The point is to avoid the temptation of anticipating trouble: weight is your real enemy. In order to keep it under control, you should weigh your vehicle on a weighbridge with all your luggage and equipment on board. Better still, weigh each item as you add it to the list, and keep a check of the running total. If you exceed the limits listed below then lighten the load: throw things out - cut your toothbrush in half!

Saloons lbs. kg. Estate cars/light commercials lbs. kg.
2 CV 2050 930 Acadiane 2570 1165
Dyane 2030 920      
Méhari 4x2 2105 955      
Méhari 4x4 2425 1100      

If you do not already have a vehicle in which to undertake your intended expedition, you have the chance of buying a Citroën specially adapted to your needs.

In the case of most Citroën models, there exists in effect a P.0. (for Overseas Territories) or G.E. (for Grande Exportation) version modified to make it suitable for travel on rough roads and in harsh climates. These qualities must obviously be a prime consideration in your planning. Citroën’s special equipment is built-in during the course of construction: it is, therefore, very difficult to convert an existing vehicle to the same standard. This makes it important that you should specify at the time of your order, all those features you have chosen which would not normally be needed in European driving conditions.

Among the smaller engined cars, your choice lies between the 2CV6 or the Acadiane van with P.0. option, or the two-wheel-drive Méhari 4x2 which has P.0. equipment as standard. P.0. equipment comprises various items and chassis reinforcement (dry-element air filter, reinforced front cross-member and suspension arms, uprated dampers, reinforced platform, sump guard) which have been found desirable for operations over rough roads and open country. You might also consider adding five 135-15 X tubed tyres to the P.0. package. In France, this would add about 2.2 to 2.6 per cent to the price of the standard vehicle, whichever one you consider.


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