Ici commence l'aventure is het boek voor de avontuurlijke reiziger.
In het boek wordt zeer uitgebreid beschreven hoe je een 2cv om kan bouwen tot een Raid Eend. Aangezien dit boek al jaren niet meer te verkrijgen is, en vol nuttige tips staat, heeft 2cvtravel, naast een download versie ook de volledige 2cv versie online en beschikbaar. Dit met dank aan Citroen. Veel plezier met Ici commence l'aventure.

First stage
This level of preparation should be undertaken for journeys in Eastern Europe or the Middle East, such as the “Raids” Paris-Kabul-Paris (1970) or Paris-Persepolis-Paris (1971) where major problems and obstacles to driving are not expected.

Special fitting
• If your vehicle is equipped to P.0. standard already:
– Fit two auxiliary lamps with protective grilles using relays in the existing electrical system;
– Fit a powerful air-horn;
– Fit two spare wheels with tubed tyres.

• If your vehicle is not to P.0. standard, then in addition to these measures you should also:
Fit P.0. type front bumper and sump shield: this is absolutely vital.
Refer to the table for further details; Ensure that all tyres are in perfect condition and fitted with inner tubes.

P.O. stands for Pays d'Outre-mer (overseas countries). It's the Citroën name for cars with special preperation, making them more suitable for difficult terrain. Citroën A-types have a long P.O. history, the first P.O. 2CVs being built March 1954. All Mehari have some P.O. preperation, especially the 4x4. The most famous P.O. of all is the 2cv Sahara. This is a twin engined 4 wheel drive 2cv, quite rare nowadays. In the 70s Citroën organised some rally raids for 2CVs and derivatives. These were long journeys through desserts and other normally not encountered terrain. To prepare the participants for these raids, Citroën published the book Ici commence l'aventure.

Spare parts
1 complete transmission
1 fuel pump
3 yards fuel piping
1 refill of engine oil depending on the distance, changes are essential every
10,000 miles,
3 wheel bolts.

2 sparking plugs,
1 contact breaker set,
l condenser,
1 coil,
1 voltage regulator,
1 alternator drive belt,
1 alternator rear plate with diode assembly,
1 box of spare bulbs,
2 spare fuses.

2 spare inner tubes,
1 repair kit,
2 valve cores,
2 valve caps,
1 valve core remover.

Tools and other equipment
1 complete tool kit,
1 warning triangle (obligatory in many countries),
1 set tyre levers,
1 air pump, electrical of foot-operated,
1 lightweight nylon tow-rope,
1 roll of wide insulating tape,
1 small roll of steel wire,
1 vehicle inspection lamp,
1 torch with spare batteries.
Jerrycans of fuel depending on intended route and distance.
Jerrycans of drinking water, amount depending on circumstances

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