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Raid Afrique of 1973    
Raid Afrique of 1973    
Raid Afrique of 1973    

Second stage
Preparation of a vehicle for a journey where it is likely to encounter more serious problems: Africa, India, Nepal, Pakistan (Asia generally), South America.

If you consider this type of journey, it is especially important to choose a P.0. type vehicle. The Raid Afrique of 1973 showed that the 2CV6 type P.0. can cope perfectly well with difficult routes.

Special fittings
For those who do not possess a P.0. vehicle, we advise the following preparation schedule which will bring a standard model close to P.0. standard except for the chassis, which has to be modified during production for the P.0. option.

• Fit a P.0. type air filter (refer to the table on page 19 for details).
• Insulate petrol pipes in the hotter parts of the under-bonnet area with asbestos to prevent vapour-lock in hot climates.

Fit a collar to positively secure the protective rubber where the gear selector lever enters the gearbox (fig. 1).

Shorten the rear pipe and turn it through 180’ to emerge forward of the left rear wheel (fig. 8).

Secure the brake pipes to the curved sections of the suspension arms with heavy duty adhesive tape (fig. 2).

Suspension General
• The front and rear inertia dampers are essential for vehicles made prior to 1975.
• Fit a collar to hold the rubber bushed situated at the ends of the suspension pots.
• Secure the locating pins of the linkage with locking wire (fig. 3).

Front suspension
• Reinforce the arms with a fillet welded to the inside of the curve (to be carried out yourself).
• Reinforce the wheel travel limit stops on the suspension arms (fig. 4).
• The knife edge sliding contacts must be in perfect condition.
• The dampers must also be in perfect condition and their securing plate bolts torqued to 25 to 30 lb-ft.

Rear suspension
• Reinforce the wheel travel limit stop (fig. 2).
• Reinforce the limit stop attached to the body (fig 5)
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